SWGNT NBA Fashion Recap

SWGNT NBA Fashion Recap

The dazzling plays made in the NBA get replayed incessantly on your favorite sports channel. However, NBA players are spending as much effort showcasing their sartorial skills as they are practicing for their next top 10 play. With so much Amazing Happening off the court, we are introducing our new SWGNT NBA Fashion Recap Feature in order to keep up with a growing amount of players who we can take fashion cues from (even if that means finding out what NOT to wear).

Below is part I of the SWGNT NBA Fashion Recap, where we will be giving insight into NBA style all season long…

Flooding the Market


Not to be one-upped by Russell Westbrook designing and modeling underwear, Dwyane Wade revealed this week that, in addition to creating loud, obnoxious things for your feet, he will now try to do the same for your neck and jacket pockets! This is like that commercial where Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant are having similar nightmares about losing to each other, but instead it’s Westbrook and Wade locked into a Project Runway type duel to the death. Wade bolts upright after having a nightmare that Westbrook successfully designs a collection of flood pants.

Gifts for Santa’s Naughty List

This week, the Christmas jerseys were unveiled, similar to the short sleeve look that premiered last year, these look equally tight, and now feature a dreaded v-neck. I envision that there will be a good amount of complaining again from the players, and an even greater amount of complaining from people forced to sit next to the guy the who insists on wearing this compression jersey that outlines his beer belly just right, and has chest hair billowing from the v-neck. On the flip side, the jerseys will probably inspire thousands of girls on Tumblr to take half-naked selfies wearing just the jersey.

Sweatin’ to the Oldies


Look over here! Wow, what a great promotional stunt for Anchorman 2, having a guy show up at the GQ Men of the Year Dinner wearing a goofy seventies outfit. It’s not Ron Burgundy cycling with Daft Punk in Amsterdam good, but, boy, that outfit sure is hilarious. Oh my god, wait, that’s Kevin Durant! The only explanation I can think of is that he’s so tired of losing the MVP to Lebron that he is starting a very unconventional workout regimen with Richard Simmons. I’m all for this move as long as it means we get to see KD with a fro.

Outfit of the Week

It’s outfits like this that make Westbrook the King of NBA fashion. Westbrook’s job already allows him to wear things that I wear to sleep, like basketball shorts, but he still shows up pre-game in what looks like a set of matching pajamas that were very popular at NASA’s sleepaway camp this year.

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Posted by Ryan - November 18, 2013